The one thing I’ve always appreciated about this band in their live setting is how outwardly appreciative they are of their fans. They don’t hide the fact that they know they wouldn’t be up on that stage without their listeners, and they give back to their crowd 1000%. They’ll make eye contact with you, Chibi will sing to you or hold your hand, and they’ll get you to clap along even if you’ve never heard them before.  Never before have I witnessed a band of this stature onstage, and I’ll likely never see a band more worthy of the stages they grace in my time of showgoing. If you get a chance to see this band live, take it. You’ll most likely have one of the best times of your life for the duration of their set, and if you’re a Birthday Massacre n00b, then you’ll probably end up buying their records on your way out as well. All of this is well deserved for a band who are so polished and just downright fun to watch onstage — if we’re lucky, the new year will bring another opportunity to step into their world.